Solution Platform

Our platform technology allows companies without development capacity to extend an LS Optimal solution to their daily operations. The platform creates a singular location to manage capacity and on-time delivery, without compromising important functions like cost tracking and material transactions. Utilizing the LS Optimal platform allows your facility to maximize the value of existing systems and capture performance potential. It incorporates all functional areas of the business that impact production, creating a coordinate strategy that provides transparency to facility priorities, from the shop-floor to the office.

Enhanced Features

Execution Feedback

Real-time progress updates and communications with the shop floor regarding job status, time remaining and/or scrap or rework incidents. Feedback can be manually provided in the system interface or via networked hardware such as barcode, RFID, or touchscreens

Analytics & Statistics

Fully tap the value of large industrial data to identify trends and drive action. The system collects, or creates, historic data which can be paired with real-time information to help users identify trends in performance.

Generate shop packets including barcodes and supporting documents

Install hardware or integrate with existing systems

Support paperless manufacturing operations

Available reports, dashboards, and interactive data views

Aggregate various data sources to identify trends and anomalies

Utilize historic information to improve scheduling and planning data

Risk Management

Utilize historic performance data and optimization to identify and mitigate risk the supply chain poses to delaying your critical-path and performance to your customers by extending the platform to your suppliers via supplier portal.


Companion application to the core platform that can be accessed on the go or from the shop-floor for increased accessibility.

Identify high-risk suppliers by anticipated delay to your critical-path

Ability to coordinate promise dates and sourcing decisions

Provide platform for suppliers to view real-time need-by-dates

Android, iOS, thin clients, and tablets

View highly visual information or provide feedback

Real-time information at your fingertips