Example Cases

Oil & Gas Equipment

Customization is a given in Oil production equipment due to the unique nature of each drilling operation, the complex series of connections, and long list of operating parameters. Further complicating the manufacturers task is that this equipment tends to be highly engineered with extremely deep bills-of-materials. This all leads to a significant amount of noise making it difficult to manage on-time delivery, a critical aspect in delivering Oil production equipment.

Our solution helps this customer manage the day-to-day scheduling activity which is then coordinated with the short-term and long-term planning results, providing unparalleled visibility to projected delivery performance. All functional areas which impact production have been pulled into the system as a means to quickly access facility information and as a means to prioritize their activities. Overall, this has resulted in a much more efficient transfer of information leading to te successful management of on-time delivery.

Sample benefits:

Improve OTD from 40% to 90%

Increase indirect efficiency by over 50%

Greatly enhance customer satisfaction


Aerospace Brake Components

Braking surfaces are a critical element of any airline fleet and as material technology advances so does the cost which makes repair programs a valuable service. The MRO management solution helped our customer solve a variety of issues including but not limited to production capacity limitations, bottleneck areas, inventory shrinkage, long production cycles, staff productivity issues, and the flow of information and materials through the supply chain.

Sample benefits:

Identified trends that led to better process design and layout

Reduce order creation process from 240 minutes to 10 minutes

Improve capacity by 20%

Reduce the numbers of schedulers from 4 to 1

Supported increase of 50% revenue without additional resources

Precision Grinding

A large-scale functional manufacturing operation focusing on precision grinding with 200,000 sq. ft., 200 employees, and 290 finite-capacity machines. This customer was faced with extensive time to generate schedules which limited the ability to quickly respond to changes or requests, and also limited visibility. While trying to schedule 290 machines and thousands of work orders manually it is possible that capacity is wasted, on-time delivery is negatively impacted, or both.

Sample benefits:

Improve on-time delivery by 25%

Increase capacity by 20%

Reduce the Scheduling decision time from 240 minutes to 10 minutes

Space Systems

Getting to space is no easy feat and manufacturing the systems to get there is just as difficult to manage due to the number of components and extensive lead-times. The solution helped our customer address large-scale difficulties of assigning skilled and unskilled labor labor by operation, bottleneck activities, and coordination their supply chain to the production plan.

Sample benefits:

Improve capacity by 15%

Reduce the amount of schedulers from 8 to 2

Reduce the Scheduling decision time from 60 minutes to 5 minutes