LS Optimal began during research into large-scale optimization nearly 20 years ago through partnerships with industry. With these partnerships, we identified the most practical approaches to common pains and problems faced in U.S Manufacturing today.

The seminal development by Dr. Leyuan Shi was the ground-breaking approach called Nested Partitions Framework which makes any effective solving technique more efficient. Using a nested approach we can achieve localized solutions while maintaining a global solution. This methodology has been used in large-scale manufacturing scheduling, organizing maritime ports, optimal beam-angle selection to minimize radiation damage during cancer therapy and other applications.

Multi-Objective Optimization

Optimization allows companies to react in real-time to changes in information, strategy, and production. Our system allows shop-floor systems to optimize their capacity while managing on-time performance to the customer as well as giving management visibility to overall performance and dates. With this, operations can achieve local optimization of capacity while being coordinated towards an overall goal.

Align shop-floor and functional departments to customer needs

Focus on daily production without wasting capacity

Resolve natural conflict between on-time delivery and capacity management

Dynamically minimize the critical-path of your sales orders

Utilize our What-if Scenarios feature to make data-drive decisions in real-time

Resolve the natural conflict between capacity management and customer satisfaction

Modular Structure

The experience of the Schedulers, Supervisors, and Planners are invaluable, so we started on the shop floor. Our structure is tailor-made for each function of your environment based on the type of manufacturing (i.e. painting, fabrication, machining), the role that is needed (i.e. scheduler, planner, supervisor), and the relationships between each function. Our system is designed to closely match how your factory actually operates.

Multi-tiered network of separate but coordinated modules

Allows real-time coordination between the shop-floor and management

Array of pre-determined solutions and configurations for typical production

Non-production functions outside of ERP can be integrated such as CNC programming

Implementation easily grows, shrinks, adapts, and changes with your business

Match the real relationships between schedulers, supervisors, managers, and the shop-floor


The software integrates with your existing ERP and business systems to aggregate valuable information on a single platform. We have worked with legacy, custom, big, and small enterprise systems as well as satellite systems such as barcoding, RFID, business intelligence, single sign-on, and others.

Install on local hardware and network or the LS Optimal cloud

Integrate and aggregate information from multiple sources

Fill technology gaps with LS Optimal packages such as MES feedback

Guidance on how to get the most out of your existing technology

Sample Integrations