Introducing the NEST API for optimized production control

Integrate sophisticated solvers with your application as a consumable service or developer package, and maximize the potential of your operations

What are the most common costs associated with reversing the unproductive use of capacity?





but the most costly symptom of reactive management is...




LS Optimal solutions help navigate the balance between utilization and on-time delivery

Bleeding-edge Techniques

We have been working for years with Industry to develop our modularized and layered optimization technique which addresses the drawbacks of traditional MRP. With near real-time capabilities so you do not miss a beat!

Decision Support at Your Fingertips

Management decisions require visibility of potential outcomes to proactively mitigate risk and optimize objectives. Use data to drive your decisions with more intelligent insights!

Next-gen Enterprise Applications

Today's global enterprises cannot operate efficiently across countless isolated applications. Adopting a micro-service architecture will enable the next-generation of custom business applications and unlock the potential of aggregating industrial data.


The manufacture of highly engineered low-volume capital equipment presents specific challenges related to the proactive management of on-time delivery including responsiveness to changing customer requirements and the variability of production or supply chain

There is little margin for delay, which comes with a high penalty, as our customers do not get a second chance to manufacture these items and fine-tune their processes. We provide clarity where there is no steady-state


While it can be more cost effective to repair capital equipment than it is to purchase new, or regulated by industry, it does come with unique complications in the re-manufacturing process with regards to scheduling and data management

We have worked hand-in-hand with industry to develop a solution that matches the way these operations work and provides an improved method for managing information


As a major element in the manufacturing supply chain, our customers need to be flexible to respond to their key customers when an expedited order arrives. The impact that expedited or new orders have on existing contracts and prior commitments provides the visibility needed to respond to customer needs

In situations when every new order is unique, the software provides an action plan that maximizes capacity and minimizes lateness, providing our customers with visibility to their capacity profile


The repetitive manufacture of individual product lines is more often associated with forecasting than scheduling. However, there is strong incentive for these companies to be able to quickly react to shifts in the market which requires coordinating functional and flow manufacturing

All assembly lines are fed by some other manufacturing source which often means product lines will compete for resources to fulfill new demand while not trading off so much capacity that lose progress on the next run

Maximizing Potential. Minimizing Lateness

Based on research but developed in practice, we have worked hand-in-hand with Original Equipment Manufacturers for over 15 years to develop a practical solution that drives efficient & effective manufacturing at all levels of the supply chain.